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Boiled Chestnuts

1 Pound Of Chestnuts
1 Jar Of La Salamandra Dulce de Leche Milk Caramel
1/8 Cup Of Organic Dark Chocolate Shavings
3/4 Cup Of Heavy Whipping Cream
1/2 Cup Of White Pure Cane Sugar
1 Tablespoon Of Organic Honey
3 Tablespoons Of Half And Half Cream
1 Cup Of 2% Milk
1 Whole Vanilla Bean

Serving Size 6
369 Calories Per Serving
15 Grams Of Fat

Preparation Instructions:
To begin this recipe you will first need to thoroughly wash and rinse your chestnuts under cool running tap water. To ready your chestnuts for boiling, split each chestnut at it's top with an X mark. Next place your chestnuts into a boiling pot, cover them with water, and then bring these contents to a boil. Once you have a rolling boil, reduce your heat and let the chestnuts simmer for fifteen minutes. Once your chestnuts have been thoroughly cooked, drain the water from the pot, and then start peeling them once they have sufficiently cooled. It's important to peel the shells while the nuts are still hot, otherwise they will harden and you will not be able to remove the shells. Moving along, take out a food processor and plug it in. Next add in your peeled chestnuts, organic honey, half and half cream, and then blend until you have an even and consistent puree mixture. Now moving along, you will want to take out a fresh saucepan, and then add in your chestnut puree mixture, white sugar, milk, and vanilla bean. You will want to cook these ingredients over medium heat until most of the milk has been absorbed into the chestnut puree. Once you are done cooking it, remove the vanilla bean from the mixture. Now that your chestnut mixture is done, place it into the refrigerator to chill for roughly one hour. While your puree is chilling, vigorously beat some whipped cream, and then fold it into your chestnut puree when it's done chilling. To serve this dish, cover the bottom of your dessert plate with the Dulce de Leche Milk Caramel, spoon some chestnut puree on to it, and then top it all off with dark chocolate shavings. That concludes this recipe, please be sure to bookmark our website so that you can come visit us again in the future.
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